President Obama’s budget demonstrates a real disconnect with American families and a fundamental lack of understanding of how jobs fuel the economy. Continued efforts to double tax the oil and gas industry are especially troubling.

The president keeps talking about everyone paying their “fair share” but the oil and gas industry created more than 60,000 jobs last year, injecting millions of dollars of revenue into our economy every hour. But even more than that — it is unfair and un-American to single out an industry to selectively increase taxes for political gain.

American families need gasoline to power our businesses. We have to travel long distances for work, school, and soon, summer vacations. History has shown that when the government further taxes one industry, those costs are eventually passed along to consumers.

Filling our cars with fuel is hardly a luxury item. Raising taxes on the oil and gas industry is a tax increase for all of us. 

Let’s hope Washington has the sense to reject job-killing tax increases.

Edward Diaz

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