Dear Editor: To answer D. Garvey's question, "Does Harry Mitchell represent us?," the answer from this Ahwatukee resident is "Yes." He's also in line with public opinion. To address each of Garvey's points in turn: 1. A Washington Post-ABC poll shows seven in 10 Americans support the spending increase for S-Chip. 2. The DREAM Act provides a path to citizenship for hardworking immigrant youth by helping them to pursue higher education or military service, enabling them to contribute fully to our society. A Pew poll has 63 percent of Americans favoring such a path. 3. If not for Bush's veto, The Water Projects bill would have started restoring the coasts of Louisiana (Bush's promise, after all) and begun fixing our country's water infrastructure crises. Regarding the military, District 5 has more than 60,000 veterans. Mitchell shows support for them constantly by voting for the Veterans Suicide Prevention Act, pay raises for troops, better widows' benefits, greater leave time, more veterans' health care, protecting the income of activated National Guard and Reservists. The Labor and Health and Human Services bill addressed children's education, energy costs and health research on cancer. 4. Impeach Cheney? The nation favors close scrutiny of Dick "Last Throes" Cheney's dubious actions through an official impeachment process. According to the American Research poll 54 percent of Americans are in favor. 5. The Iraq Withdrawal bill? Depending on what poll you study, 63 to 72 percent of Americans want our soldiers home in a year. Garvey cites 3,000 soldiers coming home as a sign of success. Less than 2 percent of our forces coming home from a foreign entanglement that's lasted longer than our involvement in World War II a success? Hardly. To further correct Garvey: Voting for 50 billion is not voting to "Have our troops defunded in a time of war." If anyone's guilty of defunding and non-support of our troops it's the Republicans who killed the bill and our Republican president who has vetoed veterans' benefits repeatedly. Keep up the good work, Harry. I'm proud to have you as our representative. Eric Day

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