Do you hike, bike, run, ride or just enjoy South Mount Park trails? If you do, be on the lookout for the inconsiderate “hiker” who thinks it is funny to intentionally place large rocks and even small boulders directly on the trails in strategic locations such as downhill or uphill slopes or very narrow single path trails. My only thought is they are doing this to intentionally hurt someone. It is not funny; it is against the law! This would be akin to placing rocks and boulders in a roadway trying to get cars to run into them and intentionally hurt someone.

Call the police, immediately, if you witness someone doing this. Call the ranger station if you see evidence of this malicious act and note the trail and the trail post numbers to let the rangers know roughly where this occurred.

There were about 10 to 12 large rocks/small boulders placed on the trail either in the evening hours on April 15 or early morning hours on April 16. They were placed on the Desert Classic trail between trail makers 47 and 32, as well as on the Secret Trail in this general area. If you saw the person doing this please contact the Rangers to give them a description.

We cannot let one “unhappy, inconsiderate, despicable, hiker” ruin the South Mountain Park trails for everyone. Share the trails, leave it as you find it, stick to the trails, have fun and be considerate when passing others on the trail.

Jimmy Evans

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