In response to “President or dictator?” (AFN, guest commentary by Ahwatukee resident Don Kennedy, March 23) — aren’t we getting a little carried away here? If President Obama were truly seeking dictatorial powers, don’t you think there would be a large outcry from the loyal opposition Republicans? They would be screaming “ABUSE of POWER” with motions in Congress for Articles of Impeachment.

The Constitution of the U.S. does grant the duly elected President of the United States certain executive powers to be used at his (her) discretion. The Constitution also established two other branches of government (legislative and judicial), which act as checks and balances on each other.

None of the examples put forth by the commentator illustrate a clear, criminal overstepping of boundaries by President Obama. If anything, his inflammatory rhetoric only adds to the divisive clamor gripping our country today.

Bill Hennessy

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