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There is a very special person in Ahwatukee named “Kathy.” Her profession is alterations. I would like to express my relationship with Kathy and what it has done for me as a person.

I went to see her, needing some alterations and not knowing who to choose for my needs at the time. When I arrived she was waiting on someone ahead of me. It was a young lady trying on her wedding dress for a fitting. She was alone and mentioned that her mother was out of state and couldn’t be here to help her. Kathy made her feel that she cared and was there to help her. This made the young girl cry. Then Kathy said, “Let’s take a picture and you can send it to your mom to see how lovely you look.”

This is who Kathy is. She will make you look so beautiful with her input of love she has for each and every customer, as she would say they are like family.

You can go in and ask her opinion, Kathy can do anything and in minutes she has the gift of suggesting something that you are stunned and that is really what you wanted, but never thought of it. She has done this for me many times.

Kathy sees to your needs in a loving and caring way that it flows so naturally from her. That is who Kathy is and that is what you get when you put yourself in her care. You come out of her alterations feeling you will look your best, but mostly you feel you have a good friend who truly cares.

Thank you Kathy for being a wonderful and caring person.

Marlene Myles

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