Debating Romneycare and Obamacare
RJ Matson, The St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Republicans cannot stand Obamacare, but they sure loved Romney-care.

Let’s call it Romney-care so those foolish Republicans can stop attacking President Obama over a Republican/Democrat idea that is good for our country.

Joe Campbell

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare aka Romneycare, was a Republican proposal to counter Hillary-care, aka Single Payer. It includes proposals from the Heritage Foundation dating back to 1989 for the individual mandate.

The Heritage Foundation is now one of the more rabid anti-Obamacare groups. This is typical of lobbyists, they're for or against whatever their corporate sponsors pay them to be for or against.

So now Republicans, Conservatives, and The Heritage Foundation are all against their own proposal. Progressive liberals want single-payer, not Romneycare.

Fox won the right to lie on the air back in 2002, when they proved in court there was no FCC rule about telling the truth, and to be fair, most of the major media corporations supported Fox in the lawsuit. So now we get crazy things like Obama Death Panels spread to people who don't stop to ask themselves if that even makes sense.

So the same people who support Medicare and Social Security now want to kill off granny? Really? That adds up somehow?

Since the attempts to repeal the ACA are all for show, and they know it, we'll be able to look back a few years from now and decide if the ACA was a good idea or not. I suspect it will have many more pluses than minuses.

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