Dear Editor:

Joe Campbell got it half right ("I'm an American," AFN, Sept. 1) - those in power have done all those things he listed - but blaming conservatives just proves he isn't paying attention. If you go back over our history the last 50 years, you will find that no matter who is in office - Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative - the bankers always get bailed out, the military always gets bigger and the middle class always gets screwed.

The real political divide in this country is not between "liberals" and "conservatives," it is between those who constantly hold power and everyone else.

Elections change very little. The Democrats promised change, but nothing changed - more corporate bailouts, more war, more taxes, and more injustice. Just like the Republicans.

Wake up, dude. Until you become part of the solution, you're just part of the problem.

Jack Heald

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