For Kachina, of all the streets in Ahwatukee, to have fast and reckless driving is just sad. I should add littering, for at the southern end of Kachina Drive one can often see cans and bottles as well as fast-food packaging tossed out to the side of the road.

I have seen young men enjoy skateboarding down the gentle slope of Kachina. I have seen colorful pelotons heading up Kachina. I have seen friends talking as they glide gently down Kachina on their chromoly works of art. I have seen horses, crossing and trotting up and down Kachina. I have seen horse-drawn hayrides at Christmas, with happy families enjoying the holiday season on Kachina. I have seen the occasional elliptical bike on Kachina. Sometimes even a Segway can even be seen on Kachina. Walkers of every description; dog walkers, hiker walkers, talker walkers, exercise walkers, jogger walkers, gawker walkers, can all be seen on Kachina. Mountain bikers go by northwest looking strong and ready to conquer the desert classic, and southeast looking to have had an endorphin rush. Kachina is one of Ahwatukee’s jewels, recognize it Ahwatukee and act accordingly.

Old people seem to have learned that actions have consequences, young people must be in the process of learning this. If you drive recklessly, speed, litter, vomit, urinate, are loud and disorderly, disrespect other people, or their property; those actions might have consequences. Perhaps its speed bumps, and your favorite place to skateboard is lost forever. But sadly, we all lose.

Reuben Rettke

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