Proper education is important

Dear Editor:

I really enjoyed Matthew Ladner's commentary about demography and education ("Is demography destiny for education?" AFN, March 26). The proper education of all of our young people irregardless of race is all of our responsibility, as they are our future.

Florida's reforms show improvements to student scores and provides hope for all of us. We in Arizona have a diverse population and we can learn some lessons for our future - the children of Arizona.

Helenmarie Slater

Electoral College should be abolished

Dear Editor:

With all the wrangling in the media over the upcoming presidential elections, I was refreshed to read about a grass-roots organization that is attempting to nationalize the need for a change in our election process.

The PopularVoteCounts group is finally acting on a personal, long-held opinion of mine, which is the vote of every valid voter of this nation should be the sole deciding factor in the election of our president. The antiquated use of the Electoral College should be abolished. We need to remember, when our Founding Fathers first developed this process, there were only a handful of states and a minimal population who had the ability to vote. Nowadays, nearly 100 percent of our population can vote if they make the effort.

I urge everyone to go to, read the information contained therein, and show support for a change that truly needs to happen now.

Chuck Whaller

Event needs your help

Dear Editor:

The March of Dimes has changed the name of its biggest event to March for Babies. It's a great change because it makes it very clear exactly who I am walking for - all babies. I am very excited to be a part of the "first" March for Babies; please support my participation.

Although the name of this signature event changed, the mission did not. The March of Dimes champions the needs of moms and babies in our community and across the nation. The money we raise for March for Babies will support life-saving research, services, education and advocacy that helps babies get a healthy start.

Please help by donating today. I have a special Web site set up for making the donation process easy,

David Klecka

Farmers Insurance

Give our kids more practical skills

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed your article ("Personal finance 101: What I didn't learn in college," AFN, March 21) and I would suggest you try to take this topic a step further.

First, my perspective is that I am a certified financial planner with an MBA in business and have been in practice for about 25 years working with folks from all walks of life and financial means from corporate CEO's, professional athletes to graduating college students deeply in debt as a result of financing their education.

I would love to see a couple of articles about starting Personal Finance 101 in high school. Our state Board of Education wants to have all students to have four years of math which, I maintain, has very little practical benefit for the majority of folks. Math curriculum is vitally important but I suggest requiring every high school student to take a year of personal finance/financial planning and the current three years of math would be a better alternative.

Give our kids more practical skills!

Every major newspaper in the country probably has financial data in it about investing, mortgages, budgeting, auto loans, 401K, etc.

How many papers carry regular articles about math?


I just don't get it.

And what about the high school graduates who do not go on to college?

High school should, in part, be about a rounded education to help not only those going onto college but also those who choose not to or cannot afford to.

Give our kids some practical educational skills by requiring a year of personal finance. Even the poorest of us, (monetarily), need some financial skills.

Jeff Williams


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