On April 18, you published the article “Smart Spending.” Although the tips mentioned were useful, some could take up more time and possibly more money than necessary. Although I’m only 14, I know four easier and cheaper ways to save money at the movies.

1. Wait until the movie is in the dollar theater or wait until it comes out on DVD. Then you can borrow it from a friend, rent it, or buy it and be able to watch it multiple times for the same price as seeing it once.

2. Cut down on the concessions. Although snacking on popcorn and candy is fun, the money and calories pile up.

3. Free movie passes or popcorn vouchers. You can easily pile up movie passes and popcorn vouchers for doing things such as volunteering at the library or visiting your dentist.

4. Summer Movie Matinee. Small children can participate in Harkins Summer Movie Matinee where 10 movies are only $7.50. Other movie theaters have similar discounts.

Following these suggestions will help you save money and “Spend Smart” when you are going to the movies. In this tight economy, “a penny saved” is most definitely “a penny earned.”

Laura Humpherys

(Frugal 14-year-old)


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