Does Fred Barlam's letter ("Pearce needs to address concerns, not name call," AFN, June 8) show his knowledge of the recall process in his letter about Russell Pearce?

That "he's too extreme for Arizona" is a decision for the voters of District 18, because that's who Sen. Pearce represents. That those voters have repeatedly re-elected him suggests most District 18 voters disagree with Barlam.

To dismiss Pearce's achievements as "myopic focus on illegal immigration, while short-changing education, health care and job creation" also shows lack of understanding.

The 2010 study by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) reveals that eliminating illegal aliens from Arizona would end much of Arizona's budget deficit.

How can Mr. Barlam refuse to recognize that illegal aliens substantially increase Arizona's cost for these services?

Education: $820 million annually for illegal aliens and illegals' U.S.-born children. Special English instruction and school nutrition programs are extras not reflected in the $820 million.

Medical Care: $400 million annually for illegal aliens' unpaid medical care. AHCCCS for U.S.-born children of illegal aliens increase this amount.

Job creation: Jobs held by illegal aliens require state payments to displaced American workers: Welfare, unemployment, food stamps, rent and utility subsidies.

Giving the job to Americans would eliminate those welfare benefit costs. Watching Americans line up at Pei-Wei restaurants for the jobs vacated by illegal alien raids destroys the old tired excuse "jobs Americans won't do."

Wasn't $1 billion the amount of revenue expected from the 2010 "temporary" 1 percent state sales tax voters were told was needed? Were it not for the $1.3 billion in net costs by illegals, would the "temporary" sales tax have been needed?

The annual $1.3 billion per year (including jail costs) is $700 per Arizona household.

It does include the estimated $250 million illegals pay in state and local sales taxes, even though those payments would continue if legal workers held the same jobs. And remember those who pay with food stamps don't pay sales tax.

I submit that Pearce has addressed the "serious problems facing our state" despite what the Citizens for a Better Arizona believe.

Expecting Pearce to "address the concerns of those who want him recalled" is ludicrous. Sen. Pearce knows he can't please everyone; he addresses the concerns of those who elected him, not those who voted for someone else.

That Pearce was elected despite those who opposed him makes clear that his serving the concerns of those who vote for him works.

The claim of "name calling" is just another red herring attempt by cheap labor and ethnic interests to shift attention from the illegal immigration issue that they don't want publicly discussed.

Karen Krawczyk

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