You’re probably aware that Pulte Homes is trying to purchase the now-defunct Lakes Golf Club and put up almost 300 homes. Owner Wilson Gee closed the course last May and is trying to sell it to Pulte. Pulte is touting the move as an “enhancement” to Ahwatukee. But, the existing CC&Rs strictly forbid the course’s use for any purpose other than a golf course. Even worse, Pulte’s plan to “set aside” the CC&Rs would automatically apply to the Ahwatukee Country Club as well.

• 300 homes would mean a huge increase in traffic, adding up to 3,500 vehicle trips per day to already-crowded streets in Ahwatukee.

• Homes (touted as “upscale two-story”) would be squeezed onto onetime fairways, obliterating views and open space.

• Families with children would most likely occupy two-story homes, yet the Lakes Golf Course is surrounded on three sides by adult or retirement communities.

• Our property values will immediately decline, because when open space or a golf course gives way to infill, buyers perceive the entire community as going downhill.

• If this were to happen to the Ahwatukee Country Club, it would at least quadruple the ill effects.

So, Pulte must convince approximately 2,650 Ahwatukee households to vote for a change to the CC&Rs, thereby voting against their own best interests. Fortunately, so far it’s not happening. At a recent meeting of Ahwatukee homeowners, 78 percent of those polled opposed negotiating with the builder. But Pulte hasn’t yet begun to fight. They acknowledge it may take “three or four years” just to gain approval to begin building. Backed by deep pockets, they’re digging in their heels.

But so are we.

We’re the ones who care, we live here, we have a vested interest in what happens in Ahwatukee. We can’t let a billion dollar corporation from Michigan come in and push us around.

Judy Wade and Bill Baker

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