Until you have lived in a black person's skin...

Dear Editor:

First of all, Linda Turley-Hansen which America are you speaking of that is weary of black resentment ("America is weary of black resentment," AFN, May 16)? Does your view of America exclude black Americans, or just "certain black communities?"

You stated in your article that Michelle Obama "is sticking with old hurts held closely by certain black communities." Turley-Hensen what disturbs me is that you think that Mrs. Obama and these certain black communities are talking about "old hurts."

You as a white woman would have no idea that those "old hurts" are still the new hurts many of us still face today. But like many of your white counterparts, you think all we do is continue living in the past and are not able to get over what our ancestors suffered. You may not have caused the suffering, but you have not done anything to discourage it.

Look at the way you wrote your article, you made sure to use the word "they" when it was convenient to make sure your readers could distinguish who are the complainers, black America, versus who is tired of hearing about their issues, white America. And you say you are not responsible for what happened. Maybe not, but you are certainly responsible for what is currently happening whether you like it or not.

We have tried to move forward but "certain white communities" have done their best to keep us out. Yes, a small percentage of us have made it in, but we still have a long way to go. You think we are the ones revisiting the past, but it is you who remind us every day that we are still black, which does not allow us the same rights and privileges as you have.

Until you have lived in a black person's skin you have no idea what it is like to be treated like a second-class citizen every day because of the amount of prejudice that still exists, and, yes, it is still happening in 2008 all over your America.

So don't get angry at us or Mrs. Obama for asking you to look into your own mirror. We are not being resentful, we are only asking that we be included as one America and not just when it is convenient to please you. A great place to start is in those white American communities, which cling to cultural exclusion.

Maybe your article should have been titled, "America is weary of white resentment."

Tony Harrison


Griffin's ‘Flat Earth Society' is wrong

Dear Editor:

Opinion is always interesting if it has at least a small basis in fact.

Is there anything interesting or even the slightest bit entertaining about someone trying to convince you that the earth is flat? Does Ahwatukee Foothills News wish to provide affirmations from and for narrow minds such as those that can be found in the flat earth society? The commentary by C.W. Griffin on your Opinion page ("Reviving economy quite a task for next president," AFN, May 9) places him in the "Earth is going to hell in a handbasket" society.

I am fairly sure that the Fed governors and Kiplinger know more about the economy than he does and where did he hear the myth that there was a myth that economic growth is dependent upon home prices always rising? If you do not know that the Clinton Administration inherited a strong economy, then you need to spend some time studying economics instead of shoehorning the world into your template.

And, as a matter of fact, the economy can recover "before the gas is purged from the gigantic housing bubble," especially since it only needs to recover from a recession that we are not in and will probably never materialize. Jobs are not disappearing at an alarming rate and SUVs have nothing to do with the dollars decline or continued decline that is not occurring.

It sounds like Griffin thinks that high taxes are good for the economy and we need more government to make things better. I only hope his group stays as small and insignificant as the Flat Earth Society.

The only thing moribund around here is C.W. Griffin's attitude.

Brett Shepard


What happened to common sense?

Dear Editor:

I've been watching the letters back and forth for the past several weeks on parking problems at area trailheads. I can't say much about the Pima Canyon issue, but I live just around the Desert Foothills Loop from the Telegraph Pass trailhead. I remember when the signs first went up in the neighborhood across the street warning people not to park in the residential area. And nothing was done about it. Every Saturday morning the street is full of vehicles parked there for access to the trail.

I live about one-and-a-half miles from the trailhead and when I want to use it, I walk from my house. What a novel concept. I assume the rest of the folks parking in the residential area across from the trail are there for exercise. There are dozens, if not scores, of parking spaces about half-a-mile down Desert Foothills from the trailhead at Altadeña Middle School.

I have a suggestion, USE YOUR FEET and walk from there. The extra mile will be good for you. It will also relieve the residents of the neighborhood across the street. I'm sure if you lived there you wouldn't appreciate your street full of parked cars every Saturday. And let's not scar the desert with more parking lots by expanding the lot at the trailhead.

What happened to common sense? It used to be a virtue.

Scott Lanham


A special thank you

Dear Editor:

Kyrene de los Lagos PTO would like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations and help during Teacher Appreciation Week: Baskin Robbins (40th Street and Chandler Boulevard), Lakeshore Learning, Rockin' R Ranch, Phoenix Zoo, Skateland, IKEA, Ahwatukee Country Club, Botanical Garden, Sweet Tomatoes, Safeway (40th Street and Chandler Boulevard), Olive Garden (Chandler Boulevard), Starbucks, Paradise Bakery, Port O Subs and Dr. Michael Akerson.

Thank you, also, to our parent volunteers.

Lagos PTO Teacher Appreciation Committee

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