Karlene Keogh Parks answers a question during the debate for Phoenix City Council District 6 between Karlene Keogh Parks and Sal DiCiccio on Wednesday July 24, 2013.

Justin Kinkade (“Don’t understand Keogh Parks campaign signs,” AFN, Aug. 9) tells the truth when he states “I don’t get it” in regards to Sal’s political signs that state that lobbyist’s support Sal. Kinkade, reasons, without any proof or facts of unions putting up those signs.

If so, why hasn’t Sal protested, and removed his many signs, that are identical to all his signs. Whom put them up? It must logically seem it was Sal’s people. Everyone that is a little bit informed knew that Sal gets lots of political payoffs and that Sal represents the wealthy and the large corporations.

We need to get a reasonable council person that can represent corporations and working families.

Where does Kinkade get the notion that Keogh Parks is anti-business?

I voted for a more balanced logical person, Karlene Keogh Parks.

Joe Campbell

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