Kudos to Phoenix police Sgt. Joel Tranter for his tenacious response in rescuing a 15-year-old Shiba Inu pooch named Saki from certain danger in the morning hours of July 28. This Ahwatukee resident had witnessed an already over-heated, confused and exhausted Saki as she wondered in the street on Equestrian Drive near the Warner-Elliot Loop, unable to stop because of traffic. But thanks to this officer, while patrolling the streets of Ahwatukee, he spotted Saki and with the help of a neighborhood Good Samaritan, Tranter was able to coax scared little Saki into his air-conditioned patrol vehicle and whisk her off to a local veterinary hospital where they supplied her with water and scanned for a micro-chip, which she in fact had. This enabled officer Tranter to locate a frantic but very relieved and thankful owner and reunited the two.

I realize this isn’t headline grabbing news for most people but to dog owners and lovers such as myself this officer’s actions revealed the true meaning of community support and dedication. I just wanted to say “thank you” to Sgt. Tranter for rescuing this pooch and making my day (and I’m sure that of Saki’s owner) so much better. With the summer temperatures we’ve been experiencing it could have been a much worse situation for Saki. Hopefully she’s back to enjoying dog treats in the comforts of home and I’m sure will think twice before walking out that open gate.

Cathy Wilson

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