This is in response to Martha Mriss’ letter on Oct. 20 (“Obama comments make Crook look foolish”).

I’ll ask her the same question she posed: where does she get her information? I ask this because of her last sentence that states: “He is very lucky to live in a country where he can say such derogatory things about our government and our president and not suffer any consequences other than to look very foolish.”

The naivete in this statement borders on foolishness. Has Ms. Mriss somehow missed the news on Obama’s IRS (Internal Revenue Service) scandal that targeted many groups and individuals who disagreed with the Mr. Obama? Or maybe she was asleep for more than a decade as our own NSA (National Security Agency) conducted impermissible and unwarranted surveillance on average American citizens.

While I agree that living in the U.S. is better than almost any other country on the planet, the witless letter writer needs to improve her information sources.

John Fletcher

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