With a war on Syria becoming more of a reality, the price of crude oil continues to increase. Our ever-increasing reliance on foreign oil has left us in a financial tough spot whenever turmoil in the Middle East flares up. With the situation in Syria continuing to worsen, there appears to be no end in sight.

Times like these should remind us of our fixation with foreign oil and why this must come to an end. We need to become larger producers of domestic oil and other energy resources to shelter ourselves from the continued political unrest in the Middle East, with the eventual goal of gaining energy security. The Keystone pipeline is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that American reliance on foreign oil is broken in the short term. President Obama, make it a priority to fast track this project that will create American jobs and will shelter American citizens’ pocketbooks from being tied to the instability in the Middle East.

Youssef Khalaf

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