To our Governor, State Senate and House, Senators McCain and Flake and the citizens of Arizona.

SB 1062: Why the ruckus, the fuss, the reenactment’s, the delay, the threats, the boycotts, etc.?

If we all understood the Constitution of the United States and the protections that it provides to every citizen of this land, there would not be a question as to how this decision should be made. We all have the guarantee to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government’s role, both state and federal, is the obligation to see that every citizen has these rights secured.

It is mind boggling to think that an elected representative or judge on any level would think, support or rule on behalf of removing a person’s constitutional protection to conscience and the protection of their property. We do not live in a perfect world where every person takes seriously the command to love their neighbors as themselves and until we do, we or those we elect to represent us have no right to force or to take from another the right of conscience.

You say there has been harm done! Show me where there has been harm done and I will show you that the other party has been wronged in some degree. We are all victims of discrimination, both now and in the past and quite possibly in the future. But does that mean that we can demand by law equal justice in every situation? Is it discrimination for a new grocery or hardware or fast food outlet to open a location five miles from my house instead of three or for such an establishment to close and for that service to be no longer available there but at a distance further from my home? Can you force another person to love you? Can you force another person to work for you? Can you force people to do business with you?

A good thought for each of us to remember would be the words of George Washington, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence-it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Please remember that force is tyranny, just like the rule of kings or dictators that Americans fought to throw off. Why would we want to return to that which so much precious blood was spent to free us from? Freedom and liberty are more precious than money.

I think that SB 1062 is a fair law. First, considering the rogue nature of judges elsewhere in our nation who would prefer to rule by the seat of their pants instead of by the original meaning and protection of the Constitution. Second, this law would preempt the harassment of the constitutional rights of conscience of every citizen of Arizona. If every person desiring to live in or visit Arizona would consider the rights of others equal to their rights then the “force” of the law would and will just dissolve of its own accord. Remember, if a person or business does not desire your patronage to the success of their business, then surely there is another even if it is a greater distance away that will offer equal or better services for your money.

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend your hard earned money where it is appreciated? I do.

Verl Farnsworth

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