I have answered the door on several occasions when young men were wearing blue shirts with the firefighter Maltese cross on their chests. These young men were out collecting support for, of all people, the most anti-union, anti-city or state employee candidate for office, none other than Sal DiCiccio. The negative man without a plan, except war on the family man.

Now, we read in the Ahwatukee Foothills that Greg Stanton has some union endorsements and is subject to questions from Legislative District 20 GOP.

My question for the LD20 Tea Party is what do you have against working families? Why do you support extreme radical attacks on the middle class? Why tax breaks for the wealthy? It has not created jobs; after 10 years of tax breaks, where are the jobs now? What is your solution for working voters that would help them, instead of destroy them and their families by taking away their income and benefits?

Working families pay taxes, purchase homes, automobiles, groceries, gas and, most of all, we vote.

Voters of both parties unite and get reasonable people in office. Vote for Greg Stanton.

Joe Campbell

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Joe, as usual, forgot to mention mother goose and apple pie, and yet doesn't understand that he's already killed the goose?

Mike Rakowsky

Right on target! Sal has turned out to be a wild man, unaccountable to those who, unfortunately, put him there. Hopefully, Ahwatukee will soon be out of its misery.

It had such a great and conscientious representative for 9 years---how it has a terrific chance to help him become a great Mayor for our great city. Greg Stanton will make us all proud!!!

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