If you've driven around Ahwatukee, I'm sure you've seen the newest political signs of the mayoral election. As he struggles in the polls, Wes Gullett has resorted to the last tool in his political toolbox: Misleading Phoenix voters. His newest signs, that read: "Taxpayers Support Wes Gullett" are an obvious reactionary measure to the surging candidacy of Greg Stanton, and the message couldn't be farther from the truth.

Stanton is the only candidate in this race who has experience making the tough choices to balance city budgets. While on the City Council, he balanced nine budgets, and ran the most efficient City Council office, with the smallest budget. While Gullett tries to frame himself as a fiscal conservative, he proposes a pension plan that will cost taxpayers more money, and has made dozens of campaign promises without any details as to how he is going to pay for them.

Phoenix's next mayor cannot be someone who has a record of saying one thing and doing another. Phoenix voters deserve better than misleading signs and political games. Gullett may live in a fantasy world, but this taxpayer isn't buying it. I'm supporting Greg Stanton.

Joseph Seelye

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