The bleeding heart liberals are spending another season trying to lay a guilt trip on Ebenezer. Scrooge is just trying to make the economy tick.

Now we try to control his good life by adding the cost of orthopedic health coverage for Tiny Tim. It’s such a bad time. Ebenezer has been talking to auto salesmen. The tires on his 2012 Rolls Royce need a rotation. Why not trade it in on a 2013 Rolls Royce? Scrooge’s chauffeur is also expecting a raise.

Ebenezer has been looking through the travel brochures for Argentina. This area would be comfortable this time of year.

If Scrooge gives Tiny Tim’s father a raise, he will start reading the daily newspaper and get a TV.

Suddenly, Bob Crachit will realize that the Pentagon needs an internal audit and all that kind of stuff.

Why not let the poor be poor?

Christmas — Bah humbug!

Fredrick Hermanns

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