Whatever valid points Michael Reagan may have had (“The real answer to the immigration question,” AFN, March 8) was lost on me by his persistent need to be snarky, referring to the President as the “golfer in chief” and “part-time President.” While it is arguable that no President gets days off, Mr. Obama took 131 vacation days in his first term, including weekends at Camp David. That would put him on pace for 262 by the time he completes his second term, right around the average and 1/4 the “time off” of his predecessor.

Mr. Reagan encourages the President to “pull a Ronald Reagan” when it comes to our relationship to Mexico. He might want to recall that his father spent 484 days at his Santa Barbara ranch when he was President, and that number does not include weekends at Camp David or with friends in Palm Springs and Bel Air.

A complex problem will likely not be solved by taking left-handed swipes at those who may contribute to the solution.

Stephen Hammer

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