Why does the Foothills Club West Community Association want to restrict access to South Mountain Park? There is a parcel of land owned by the association north of Chandler Boulevard and Desert Foothills Parkway (Parcel #311-02-572). It is the only point of access to South Mountain between Telegraph Pass and the trail head at the end of Chandler Boulevard. People have been traversing this parcel to access South Mountain trails. The association recently erected signs threatening legal action to anyone who trespasses on this parcel.

Why does Club West want to keep hikers and bikers from using this parcel for access to the park? Would it not make more sense to allow access? Isn't part of the value of living in Club West the access to South Mountain?

Mountain Park Ranch HOA owns a parcel off the trail access north of Ray Road. This parcel is traversed on a daily basis by hikers and bikers heading into South Mountain. The Mountain Park Ranch HOA has not posted any threatening signs. They even have a trail marker and entry path to encourage use. This is a major amenity for Mountain Park Ranch residents.

I would like the Club West HOA to respond publicly why it wants to make access to our park a criminal offense. I also encourage homeowners who reside in Club West to contact the HOA leadership and let them know this is not right. Many of us moved to Ahwatukee for its access to world-class trails. Why would Club West turn its back on South Mountain Park?

Justin Kinkade

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