Ready for change

Dear Editor:

In early October I e-mailed my congressman, Harry Mitchell, asking for 15 minutes of his time regarding pending health care, “Obamacare,” legislation. I explained that I am a retired department chief at VA Hospital Phoenix and an ex-military physician. No response. I subsequently phoned and was told his schedule was filled. They didn’t ask for or suggest any alternative times, simply that his schedule was full (forever?). He hasn’t had time to listen to my views, not then, not ever. Subsequently, Mitchell voted in favor of Obamacare.

Mitchell substituted a telephone town hall meeting for a personal appearance before his constituents. I was one of more than 4,000 who signed up. I wasn’t contacted. Another writer to this paper stated that only 20 of the 4,000 were contacted and each was allowed less than one minute to express their views.

Who are our elected representatives really listening to? Whose interests are served when they determine our futures through their legislation?

This is representative democracy as it exists in Ahwatukee and, I suspect, in much of America today.

I, for one, am truly ready for a change.

George J. Grasel, M.D.


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