It has taken us about five years to understand the clever, malicious, malevolent, mendacious, subversive plan to overthrow our federal republic and replace it with an imperial dictatorial socialist government. A government run by “progressive” Democrats and Republicans in name only. A government which ignores our Constitution.

The procedure has taken about 100 years, so we can’t place all of the blame on President Obama. His administration provides the linchpin for the culmination of the project. Therefore, he is the poster child for this travesty. His supporting cast of about 50 percent of the electorate must shoulder some of the responsibility with help from a sycophant media and education system. An education system which is controlled by “progressive” devious politicians.

Nevertheless, we the people elected the man who told us universal health care was the best thing since the invention of the wheel. In 2009, we were told “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Four years later, we learn the oft repeated statement isn’t true. Mendacity at its finest. Propaganda at its evil worst.

When you add the financial industry and the auto industry bailouts by the federal government to this confusing devil’s brew, it looks as if capitalism has been replaced by socialism.

Then, when you include the Benghazi incident, the IRS plan to stalemate the approval of conservative political entity applications for 501(c)3 status, and the reduction in our national defense capabilities, the pieces of this seemingly disorganized design begin to fit into place.

It isn’t chaos after all, it’s a carefully planned effort to replace our constitutional government with a feckless socialist government. Talk about a successful conspiracy! This is it!

Think of it: the government now controls about 16 percent of the gross national product by its ownership of our health care system. Government bureaucrats can determine if we live or die by their control of our health care.

Think of it: the federal government now controls the education system by implementing the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), which was mandated by the President’s Race to the Top education program — a program which controls the funding of education for the disadvantaged (Title 1).

If you don’t accept the CCSSI plan, you don’t receive your Title 1 funding. Extortion by government ukase. This means the government can dictate your understanding of American history. That, alone, can destroy our nation by undermining the teaching of the basic principles of the foundation of our philosophy of governance. Take a look at the history books which are being used in our schools and you’ll understand why our constitutional government is at risk.

When a government can regulate the nation’s health care and its education system, there isn’t much else needed to go to the next level ... dictatorship. Will you vote for that in 2014? 2016?

Don Kennedy

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