Dear Editor:

Regarding recent comments in the Ahwatukee Foothills News letters to the editor, speaking out against Harry Mitchell and the job he is doing: I happen to follow the deeds of Mitchell from the time he was elected and beat out the do nothing that the Republican party put up to represent District 5. Now the GOP will do anything they can to put another do nothing in his place. Complaining about Obama's health plan for the millions of people who can't afford health care in is country is a laugh, when the last president lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction and invaded Iraq to the tune of billions of dollars, most of which landed in the hands of Halliburton Corporation's employees. That does not even count the lives of our servicemen and women in this faux war because of the weapons of mass destruction lie.

I seem to remember too much from the last Republican administration and it has shaded my point of view, but then being optimistic I think that things are going to get better. Arizona has been in the Republicans hands far too long and has gotten very little return from it. Mitchell has been a friend from the start for our service personnel and has tried to stop pay raises for Congress this last year seeing how we are in a depress state of the economy.

Now to health care that was passed by Congress and not voted for, nor supported by, most of the Republican congressmen and senators, I will say this: Every one of you had a chance to input your ideas in this program, but choose not to. Why is that? Are you not employed by us to do just that? You expect the people in Arizona to believe the lies you put out about why it is bad for the American people and we should do everything we can to elect you to show the Democrats that we also don't care? By the way, are you gentlemen getting free health care from the taxpayers for life so you don't care about your employer's health care? We the people are watching you and so far you are not showing us much. By the way, I do have complaints about things that happen in Washington under both administrations, but when it comes to Mitchell and representing District 5 I sincerely doubt that anyone could do a better job. By the way, I am not a Democrat, just a citizen who cares about America and Arizona.

Ted C. Langs, Sr.

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