Recently I saw a story about 10 tons of marijuana being seized at the Arizona border, and I couldn’t help but think, “Why?” Why are our brave police officers and border patrol agents wasting their time on seizing marijuana when there are millions of dollars of dangerous hard drugs and thousands of illegal immigrants slipping through the border?

Despite the federal ban on marijuana, does it really merit such discrimination? Marijuana has almost no negative side effects other than possible anxiety, and is magnitudes better than alcohol, which can harm your liver and brain, or cigarettes, which cause millions of deaths through lung cancer. So why then are these two substances illegal while marijuana, despite having documented health benefits (such as being a cancer suppressor, according to Harvard) remains a Schedule I drug, on the same level as Heroin and LSD?

This prohibition isn’t just nonsensical, it’s stupid. Kids and teenagers have greater access to marijuana than alcohol or cigarettes, despite the harsher penalties for marijuana. Drug cartels in Mexico (who have killed almost 100,000 people) stand to lose 30 percent of their income from legal cannabis in Washington and Colorado alone. It’s time to end prohibition and take the common sense route of legalization.

Daniel Skromme

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