No axe to grind in the neighborhood

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Katrina Shawver’s commentary in the Nov. 4 Ahwatukee Foothills News, entitled “HOA rejects own committee’s recommendation.”

Since the article, in effect, refers to me personally as “dishonest,” I would like to point out some facts that Mrs. Shawver has chosen to spin.

So let’s fill in the blanks. Shawver states as fact that “ABM has never enforced parking in the past.” Any Center Court resident can come to the office and I will pull files, omit names only, and you can see for yourself both violation letters and attorney letters dating back to 1994 that I have knowledge of. She knows by experience, yet she calls it a “snapshot in time.” Was she at work; on an errand?

Many people referenced that things have changed. Their kids now have cars, friends that drive, etc. Maybe this would explain why there was a lower volume of letters in past years? In the early ‘90s, the ABM office staff consisted of two people; presently we have four. Another reason for fewer letters in the past? Regarding our computer system, it is more efficient, as it allows us to better track violations and reference notes on accounts. Each violation is confirmed by staff on drive-thru or complaint and we are not sending out more letters than ever before. As a matter of fact, has anyone received a letter for occasionally parking in the street after it was verified with staff that they fully utilize their garage for parking?

Shawver states that “some” folks have a different view. Actually, there are many. There are 419 lots in Center Court. By her husband’s count at the August meeting, 40 some cars are on the street at night, which was confirmed by me on four separate occasions (less than that during the day). That equates to 90 percent of the homeowners who voluntarily comply. That is a huge “silent majority.” Yes, it was my suggestion on the 48-hour “watch period.” However, I was asked the question by a director (not on the committee) if it would cost more staff time (money).

The answer is yes, it is an extra trip to recheck. Or should I have not told the truth? Shawver left out my statement immediately following: “if it is in the best interest of the community, we (the staff) will make it happen.” With regard to her request for an explanation, ABM staff performs CC&R enforcement in 26 subdivisions, hence approximately every six months routinely in each. All lot owners pay an equal assessment. Center Court is the only public street subdivision with parking regulations.

My recommendation to the board was to accept the committee’s recommendation as an enforcement policy, mail it to homeowners and post it on the Web site. A committee was formed to develop a recommendation that the board could accept, reject or modify. The board is elected by 5,100 homeowners. Why have an election if the board rubber stamps committee or management recommendations? Does ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) accept the Citizens’ Advisory Committee recommendations on the Loop 202? Does the City Council follow staff recommendations 100 percent? Does the ABM Architectural Review Committee complain to the newspaper or quit if the board overturns their decision? If you want it changed or deleted, then amend it. Let the majority prevail. Until then I will do my job. 

I have no axe to grind. I have served this community for 28 years. I am one of a handful who was selected by the Chamber of Commerce for the Spirit of Ahwatukee Award for volunteering; I started and participate in the Neighbor to Neighbor program; with the help of my excellent staff have turned an under used community center into a place for the community to be proud of. Arrogant? Myself versus them? Really? Maybe, Mrs. Shawver, you should practice the three values you hold so dearly.

Robert Blakesley


A picture says 1.85 trillion words

Dear Editor:

If this chart (see right) doesn’t scare you it should. This chart shows deficit spending, which means spending money our country doesn’t have. This deficit spending information, which came from the Congressional Budget Office on Oct. 15, puts our country’s state of affairs in clear focus. This chart is not Republican or Democrat, it is fact. This is our deficit and now we all own it.

Until you see this chart I think it’s hard to comprehend the huge dollar amounts being thrown around Washington. More that anything else this chart certainly shows the contrast with previous years deficit spending. One has to wonder what effect such a unprecedented surge in deficit spending will have.

Regardless what political side your on, this chart is not only disturbing but should be unacceptable to every American.

Tim Meester


Twist and shout!

Dear Editor:

Rambling ruminations as I twist and shout on my recliner during Arizona State University and Cardinal football endeavors on the fields of friendly strife.

Now there are 36 Obama czars. Considering that they were not vetted by Congress, those czars would be better described as commissars, since those appointees are in charge of party political indoctrination (i.e., spin) and the enforcement of party loyalty (i.e., voting). Umm, umm, umm!

Since the president received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, I am wondering if I dozed off during the inauguration ceremony and missed something really big. Since the Nobel candidates had to be nominated by Jan. 30, what did I miss during the last 10 days of January? Oh, is that John Lennon singing “Imagine” in the background? Umm, umm, umm!

Since the first lady is considered the fashion maven of America, she has a difficult decision to make. Should all those singing-dancing-praying to the president, young children and teenagers (in all 57 states) wear black shirts or brown shirts to the Obama-Youth rallies next summer? Umm, umm, umm!

Am I in a time warp? We have a White House enemies list once again. But this time it’s not individuals, it’s specific groups like pro-life religious organizations, the chamber of commerce, Fox television news and conservative talk radio. Shades of 1930s Germany! Can we anticipate our national socialist government to sponsor a “Crystal-Night” legal attack against these “anti-fuhrer” dissent groups?

Alan Tindale

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