Stanton has my

vote for mayor

I found Allison Hurtado's column about her interview of Mike and Diane Quinn interesting (July 29, AFN, "Is Wright the right choice?"). I'm sure Jennifer Wright is smart, but her "resume" is a little light for my taste.

Greg Stanton is hardly "embedded" simply because some unions endorse him. Stanton was my councilman here in District 6 and was informed and beyond helpful to everyone in his district. No matter the problem, he was on your side and worked hard to resolve it. His office staff was the most responsive I have ever encountered. Stanton held regular meetings at Pecos Community Center for anyone and everyone who wanted to attend and had questions they wanted addressed up close and personal.

Running a city government requires experience and the ability to bring all sides together for the overall good. Attaining political office to "start a war" is NOT what this city needs nor what this country needs. Stanton listens to everyone and solves problems, and has proven that. He definitely has my vote.

By the way, my water bill has increased less than $10 since 2009. I don't understand these bills people are screaming about. They must have a very large family or a very large lawn. This is the desert! I wouldn't have a lawn here if it were free. Too much work!

Maryann Moody


Thank you, Ahwatukee!

We were all looking forward to summer. We were looking forward to vacation and camps and bonding with friends and family members; to refreshing our life from the routine of work and school. But we were thrown a curve ball, the unexpected one. We experienced an unfortunate house fire in the middle of the night. It wasn't quite what we expected summer to be like.

The response of our Ahwatukee community was overwhelming and very encouraging to us. We received support from the Kyrene School District, Altadeña, Desert Vista, several cross country teams, and many individuals still unknown to us. These people showed up with food, clothing and household supplies. They danced, washed cars in the Walgreen's parking lot (or had their car washed by the cross country teams). They cleaned up fire debris and brought pizza to feed everyone. They showed up with trucks and friends to help salvage some belongings, and then again to help us move into a new home.

We are deeply thankful for their assistance, and most of all for just being there to lend a helping hand. We all face adversities in our lives and we deal with them differently. The support of this community has helped our family maintain a positive perspective as we look forward to a new beginning.

To each and every one of you who reached out to help us, thank you for your gifts and generosity. Most of all, we thank you for your kind hearts, and for reminding us that Ahwatukee is a great place to call home. Today, as we look forward to the beginning of the new school year, it is not with despair for what was lost, but with gratitude for the many kind hearts helping us handle the curve ball, and get right back up in the game of life.

Marcy Tretbar and family

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