The American people have been duped by the mainstream media into believing that the President has their best interests at heart. While our national news outlets were busy covering the recent dysfunction on Capitol Hill, those same networks also paid tribute to the President’s position as a voice of reason in the matter. Sound bites of his public pleas for a vote were never absent from nationally syndicated programs. Unfortunately for us, those pleas lacked real substance or intentions. This is a president who wanted to tumble over the fiscal cliff, or rather, could have cared less whether we went over. Either way, his agenda was marching forward; taxes were bound to rise no matter the outcome. And so goes his crusade to criminalize the personal achievements of the financially responsible, Americans who don’t envision a life of subsisting upon the hard work of others, for their taxes will soar.

The arbitrary markers for these tax hikes are set, and those whose income (to include estates and capital gains) exceeds each marker is, in the “socially just” mind of the president, guilty of financial wrongdoing. Maybe they spent too much time building their business, or familiarizing themselves with sound investment principles, better yet, maybe, just maybe, they spent too much time balancing their own budget in order to avoid a personal fiscal cliff. Who really knows what crimes they committed, I sure don’t, I bet you don’t, and I’d argue that the President doesn’t have a clue either. But whatever they did, they are certainly making too much money and are doing so by violating those who make less. And those earning smaller paychecks most definitely have a right to the higher earnings of others.

The principle of due process has been compromised and replaced by a numerical indicator. And when that indicator is lit, well, we know that there were obviously some dirty dealings going on. The President’s message; for those dirty dealings, you will pay.

What this comes down to is a large segment of our population has an infatuation with the wealth of others. That infatuation has translated into envy, jealousy, and greed. Principles that transcend any single faith as indicators of pure evil. We’ve now moved past the possession of these feelings and have re-elected a president who is willing to take action. Any reasonable person can work their way through this facade to see that the redistribution of wealth through taxation necessarily represents evil. To the more liberal crowd who supports these measures (measures which he has promised to intensify), my request is simple; I’ll be happy to stay out of your bedroom, so long as you agree to stay out of my pocketbook.

Lawrence J. McLennan III

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