Stolen baby Jesus

Kate Bernat's baby Jesus was stolen from the manger scene outside her Ahwatukee home. She is asking for its safe return.

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I live in a neighborhood that enjoys decorating our houses for the holidays.

In fact, each year a neighbor throws a party and all the neighborhood families gather together, do a countdown and light their houses at the same time.

This year we were delayed in getting our decorations up due to my recent surgery and my husband suffering a back injury.

I requested of my husband, "If we get nothing up except our nativity with a spotlight on it, I will be happy."

This past Saturday he worked all day to get my nativity up as well as roof lights, wreaths and garland.

I returned from a holiday tea that afternoon and was thrilled to see my house decorated including baby Jesus lying in the manger, seeing as how this is who the Christmas holiday is all about.

I cannot describe my sadness and anger upon finding baby Jesus stolen from the manger by last Sunday.

We have displayed our beautiful off-white resin nativity for the past eight years with nothing ever happening to it, and this year we had it displayed less than 24 hours before someone stole the most precious piece.

I ask my community to take a look around and see if you find my baby Jesus.

He needs to be returned to my nativity without question to 2022 E. Cathedral Rock Drive.

I beg of you, please do the right thing. Merry Christmas!

Kate Bernat

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