Dear Editor:

During President Obama's July 1 speech he stated that Americans are defined by their "fidelity to the shared values that we all hold so dear." Now, flashback to before the November 2008 election: Then candidate Obama gave a speech before a group where he began stating that he shares with the audience the values that we all hold so dear. He may not have used those exact words during both occasions, but both times he made reference to our "shared values." To my dismay, he never defined the "values" of the audience or those which he "holds dear." In effect, he just defined a screen and let each audience member understand whatever they wanted.

When I heard Obama deliver his 2008 speech referencing "shared values," my attention was piqued. Like his 2010 speech, I had not heard anyone from the audience talk about their values, nor had I heard candidate Obama discuss any of his values. It seemed to me that on both occasions President Obama was simply employing a rhetorical device to make his audience believe that they all "shared" the same unstated "values."

In President Obama's case, he often speaks to undefined "values" and "high ideals." Yet he never defines, at least verbally, what he means. President Obama has no restraint when it comes to taking the money of the worker to give to his friends. The last I heard, many of the final recipients of his "TARP" fund spending could not be identified. Could it be that President Obama is a Charlatan? Are his supporters just some of the proverbial "necessary idiots?"

While President Obama often refers to honesty, integrity, transparency, etc., let's not forget that he signed unread legislation measured by the pound. We all knew that not even Democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell, who voted for the bill, had read any part of it. I know YouTube has a video clip showing Mitchell claiming to have read the entire "2,900 pages." Yet the final version of the bill had not been made available until about a day or so before the vote. If memory serves, the original HR 3200 bill was somewhere around 2,100 pages long - I digress.

President Obama's words fall far from his actions. Those who have seen the movie Mars Attacks may recall the words of the Martians as they attacked cities and the people around the globe. In the very act of killing earth people and destroying their property, the Martians continually declared "We come in peace!" Does President Obama come in that same "peace?"

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