I’m tired of reading Don Kennedy’s guest commentaries (“A nation divided,” AFN, March 3) where he rails against “socialism or communism, plus all of the misery which goes with collectivism.” I’m frankly unsure who he is speaking about but those three terms he bandies about are not at all similar and have widely divergent connotations. I’m not sure he fully understands the difference, or perhaps he just doesn’t care. Scare tactics.

My favorite part of his essay is when he complains about the worsening of schools because religion, specifically his preferred Judeo-Christian ethic, is absent from schools. Then he gives a quote by Lenin about indoctrinating children into Bolshevism (Bolshivism being a political term akin to say, Republicanism). So if I understand Kennedy correctly, indoctrinating children is OK, as long as it’s the correct doctrine he agrees with narrowly. We can’t talk about Humanism (which he also grossly misunderstands), Islam, political correctness, social programs or anything he disagrees with in school, perhaps he should put out a book explaining just what schools should be teaching? Just Judeo-Christian ethics, as he sees fit. Indoctrination indeed...

Brian Beck

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