Stronger gun control laws

Tom and Caren Teves, parents of Alex Teves who was killed during the Aurora, Colo. shooting, spoke during a press conference outside Senator Jeff Flake's office in Phoenix Friday, April 4. The Teves family encouraged Senator Flake to vote for stronger gun control.

Allison Hurtado

A recent opinion regarding violence by John Chiazza (“Why does society ignore our grave gun disease,” AFN, Sept. 25) is not supported by data. Stricter gun laws will not reduce gun violence when many of the recent mass shootings are caused by individuals with mental illness and/or a broken family. He mentions nothing about addressing the mental health issues that are ever increasing in today’s society. Stricter gun laws don’t solve the root cause. Chicago, New York City, and California have the most stringent gun laws in the nation and just happen to also have the highest gun violence in the nation. People in Mexico are not permitted to own guns. How does that help prevent the gun violence by the drug cartels?

Until we address real root causes such as the breakdown of the American family and properly treating mental health, will these kinds of issues be resolved.

Leo Martinez

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