In response to Don Passmore’s guest commentary in the AFN on June 12 (“I Have Stopped Voting”)… I hear ya’. I have taken to these pages in the AFN numerous times to decry the left/right Democrat/Republican paradigm of our current political system.

But I am not going to encourage people to stop voting. Rather, I would insist that people vote wisely. Mr. Passmore strikes me as an informed voter. He knows the issues, and because he never has any really good choice in his voting, frustration sets in. I’ve been there, too. Unfortunately, most voters are not informed voters. They are “American Idol/Survivor” type voters. They don’t know the issues. They don’t know history and the role it can play in our voting decisions. Their only knowledge of “civics” is a car made by Honda. I won’t give up my vote because too many good men have shed blood fighting tyranny from abroad to preserve my right to vote. The tyranny we face today is from within, and the only army that is going to stand up to fight against it will be an army of voters.

I still vote, but anyone who tacks an (R) or a (D) after their name is eliminated from consideration. In that sense, I am getting to Passmore’s goal of not perpetuating the problem. I cannot support the progressive liberal nanny state politics of the Democrats, nor can I support the neocon war-mongering ways of the Republicans. Both parties are rampant spenders and trample on the Constitution. Two different sides of the same coin.

We must encourage those seeking political office to throw off the chains of party affiliation and run as Independents. And as Independent representatives, to stand by their oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and do what is right for their constituents, not blindly follow some party line for the good of the party.

Tell the political parties what you think of their performance by registering as an Independent voter. Vote for “statesmen,” not politicians. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.. vote wisely!

John Coleman

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