Dear artists, friends, community members, and the city of Phoenix,

We at the monOrchid want to thank you for your outstanding support for the downtown art community. Recently, Art Detour 25 drew massive crowds onto the streets of urban Phoenix and into the galleries, artists’ studios, and local businesses that were open for the event. ArtLink did a great job organizing the event, including the excellent gala on Feb. 23, and guiding guests through the experience. Mayor Greg Stanton came out in full support and enjoyed some time in the galleries. The artists, who had slaved in there studios with visitors all day, turned out in droves to the Arts’ Ball at the monOrchid on Saturday for our auction to raise funds to re-launch our nonprofit, Shade Projects.

Events such as Art Detour 25 are essential to the continued development of our urban core in downtown. So much has changed over the last 25 years, but there is still so much more work to be done. In my opinion Phoenix boasts one of the most vibrant and diverse cultures in the country, but still, most people locally are not familiar with it. Supporting your local art community and businesses is one of the major factors in the economic future of our city. We were very impressed with you Phoenix, and we hope to see you more and more as the weeks, months, and years go on. Only through your continued support can we create a world class city that no longer is known to only the few.

This recent event was just a glimpse of what the downtown Phoenix scene could be, and we are committed to building it for you to enjoy. So continue to involve yourself, even if that means going out to a First Friday once in awhile, purchasing a small artwork from a local artist, attending an event at a gallery, or visiting the Phoenix Art Museum. The most important aspect is to focus on the community, which includes each and every one of us.

Justin Germain

Art program director/curator of monOrchid

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