Since Obama became president, the purge of flag officers has accelerated more than any other time. Flag officers are generals and commanders. People are wondering why? I copied part of a list of purged officers, and after five pages, I decided that was enough. I had over a hundred names. I know of two issues that would cause this.

The first issue was an executive order from Obama to all military. He has ordered that any military person must not speak the name of Jesus, or mention God, or read the Bible out loud, unless in a church. This applies to chaplains too, and because of this order some chaplains have been purged. The people who do the purging are the flag officers, acting under Obama’s order. If they didn’t purge the offenders they were purged.

The second issue was an executive order directed towards flag officers. It asked all officers: “If I give the order to you to open fire upon American civilians, would you obey this order?” If the flag officer answers “no,” then they were purged.

So, can you, out there, understand what this means? President Obama must be planning to do something to irritate a lot of people, like ordering the collection of all firearms. And, if he does something like that, he wants the military to act as policemen, instead of the police. These orders have decimated the military. Their moral is terrible, and not getting better.

Don Crook

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