I received an email recently from Congressman Schweikert concerning a "Job Fair" that he hosted at Scottsdale Community College on Oct. 28. The following is an email I sent to Schweikert in response.

"Gee thanks! Aren't there tens of thousands of organizations throughout the country that can host job fairs? How does this make you any different than them? You are our Congressman. You have the power to propose and vote on legislation in the House of Representatives that can really change the job outlook in this country, something that only 500-plus people in this great country have the power to do. Why have you done nothing in that respect?

Fred Barlam

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I understand that the economy is bad and that people want jobs. However, I have run multiple ads in help wanted classifieds lately and have received less than 15 resumes, 90% of them did not follow very simple instructions on how to submit. On top of that every interview I scheduled I got a no show. It makes no sense that while the country is complaining about no work, I am offering just that with no interest.

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