Just as sure as fall brings college football, fall color in the high country, and the end of oppressive heat in the Valley, so comes the annual campaign by the Kyrene and Tempe Union school districts to raise property taxes to cover their operating budgets. I know, I know, the proponents argue that there is no increase in taxes but if any property owner will review their annual tax statement from Maricopa County, I don’t believe that is quite the case.

My comments are not whether the school districts need the additional funding, but whether they should live within their budgets just as families, businesses, corporations, and everyone in the private sector must do.

I would love to be able to ask an employer for a raise to cover excess spending, as the government did to increase benefits to cover a revenue shortfall, etc., but we all know that isn’t likely to happen. I believe it is time to ask school districts to live within their established budgets just as we all have to do and stop this annual plea for voters to grant more revenue through higher property taxes. At some point, there will be no more to tax and then what?

Ron Axon

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