1. Social Security is not a retirement plan. The point of Social Security isn't to maximize the return on the payroll taxes you've contributed... it's designed to be the one guaranteed part of your retirement income that can't be outlived or lost in the stock market." As a widow, I was able to get my husband's Social Security at 60 (you can elect to give up your own SS for your husband's, receiving 71 percent). I am thankful for this supplement, along with investments.

2. Our financial future... Bush took us to war, gave high-end tax cuts for people earning more than $250,000 (letting these cuts expire would save $3.8 trillion over the next decade), took the surplus out of the federal reserve during Clinton's reign, and also gave $700 billion in bailout money to whomever - it's seems that the money can't be traced. Republicans seem to draw a blank on this.

3. Pro-lifers, how about being proactive? How many children have you rescued by adopting American children or spent money advertising to adopt or have asked your elected officials not to slash health care services to save these children's lives? My husband and I did. Do you know the statistics for the success of unwanted children being productive people in our society?

4. To my elected officials, please be kind, compassionate and put raising taxes on the table. Thank you.

Gayle Clark

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