Political moderates can think for themselves

Don Kennedy seems to be confused about what constitutes a political moderate ("What is a political moderate?" AFN, July 22).

As a 22-year-long registered independent, as well as a political moderate, I'll try to provide him (and his buddies Jim Thompson and C.W. Griffin, who all seem to get published as regularly as the AFN staff writers), an adequate answer.

Political moderates are people who think for themselves. Who evaluate all the available information on an issue, listen to both sides of the argument, and then make an informed decision regarding their position.

They do not need to be provided political talking points. They don't toe one particular ideological line or another. They may believe in a liberal policy like the social safety net of Social Security, while at the same time understanding the conservative need for fiscal discipline.

They base their position on what they believe is best for their community and their country, and not what is best for any particular political party, or what will most likely get a particular politician elected.

Political moderates are tolerant. They have a viewpoint in which they believe, but understand that everyone else does as well, and not only tolerate differing perspectives, they welcome them.

They don't vilify their neighbors for their beliefs, they try to understand them, so that common ground can be reached.

Finally, political moderates do not "fail to understand the gravity of the problems that our nation faces today" as Mr. Kennedy suggests. Rather, they fully understand that the only way to solve the grave problems our nation faces today is through honest debate and compromise, and a belief in the notion that there is no problem too great for Americans to overcome when we pull together to do so.

Patrick Panetta


Kudos to local AF business

Thank you for the article you published recently on Bear 2 Protection, LLC, based in Ahwatukee. I had been searching for a security company to take over the monitoring of an older alarm system in my cabin in Heber, Ariz., for almost four months.

I called Bear 2 Protection and immediately received a response from owner Alain Bertout, who listened to my story. He was more than happy to drive up to my cabin and update my alarm system and told me up front what the cost might be.

Within a couple of hours after arriving at the cabin, he had upgraded the system perfectly. My husband and I were impressed with his personal assistance in helping us understand how to work the new system, as he answered all of our questions and concerns.

It is truly a wonderful feeling to meet the owners of a business in our community who have integrity and honesty as their policies. I feel like I have made new acquaintances who actually care about their services provided to the consumer in a "small town" kind of way.

Cher Nelson



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