Something needs to be done about the bicyclists on Pecos Road. They are creating hazardous situations for themselves and drivers. Recently, I was heading west on Pecos as I normally do. This time there was a van in the right-hand lane and I was in the left-hand lane. The van slowed down and made a right on to 17th Street. Just then, a bicyclist darted across Pecos Road, I swerved to avoid him, coming within 3 feet and doing 50 mph. Thank goodness there were clouds this evening because the sun is normally in my eyes at this time. Sometimes these folks are in packs of 15 to 20 bikes. And not staying on the shoulder in the bike lane, but riding in the car lane.

I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time before a tragedy happens. The government needs to put up signs warning drivers to exercise caution on Pecos Road and bicyclists need to be better riders, exercising caution themselves.

Dennis Gleine

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