Dear Editor: In his diatribe denouncing Ted Peters' ("The evolution of faith," Dec. 5, AFN) "theistic evolutionism," self-named "intellectually honest Christian" Kyle Draper Dec. 12 letter to the editor) exhibits the exultant anti-science antagonism of evangelical zealots, who proudly proclaim their faith in Biblical infallibility, apparently without understanding what the Bible contains. Take, for merely one example, the hopeless New Testament contradictions between Jesus's genealogies in Matthew 1:6-16 and Luke 3:23-31. The two genealogies conflict in every respect. Matthew lists 26 generations between David and Joseph; Luke lists 41. With only two exceptions, all the names from David to Joseph (Jesus's putative stepfather) are different. (Matthew cites Jacob as Joseph's father; Luke cites Heli.) Here's the problem for believers in biblical infallibility: How can one individual have two distinctly different ancestral lines? Elementary logic decrees that either (a) Matthew's or Luke's genealogy is false or (b) both are false. Once you confront that incontrovertible fact, you must concede that the Bible is not infallible. As for Draper's warning against the "perils of evolution," I counter with a warning against the perils of deliberate, self-willed ignorance, stupidity and hypocrisy, traits blatantly represented by President Bush. He has used his primitive version of Christianity as a political weapon wielded by his personal political thug, Karl Rove, to frighten and dupe the American people. It will take a mighty effort for the next president to restore U.S. standing in the world, both politically and economically. And it can't be done by a religious nut or a panderer. C.W. Griffin

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