Dear Editor: Linda Turley-Hansen has shown her true colors (AFN, Feb. 1, "How do they really stand on firearms ownership?") and they are not pretty (despite the decades-old photo that hides the truth about her years). She rails on "the facts" about gun control as she gathers them from her chosen Web sites, blogs and assorted conservative media. Those who feel as strongly for gun control as she feels against it can pit their own "facts" from assorted media channels that support their view. The reality is that anyone can find "facts" that support what they believe; it doesn't mean that any of them are objective, or accurate. My beef is with the perverse priorities clearly expressed by Turley-Hansen. To say that "no matter their view on immigration, health care, the economy or the war; no matter which party they belong to, if they cannot support the Second Amendment... then they don't qualify." I wonder how many Americans have lost their lives in the last five years because they had to register, or were even denied the right to own a weapon, compared to the number of Americans who perished because they were denied medical treatment due to insurance or other health care issues? I wonder how many Americans have died in the last five years due to a gun control issue compared to the number of Americans who's death was related to war? I wonder how many of citizens of the U.S. went hungry or homeless over the last 10 years related to the ownership of guns, compared to those dealing with the consequences due to economic forces out of their control? To imply that support of the Second Amendment, in the way that she chooses to understand its interpretation, is the primary consideration behind whether a candidate is qualified, speaks to the obsessed nature with which Turley-Hansen views that issue. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that obsession? Sharyn Younger

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