Tom Patterson, you are a brave man speaking out against the education establishment (“Ariz. schools need consumer-driven change, not more funding,” AFN, Aug. 29).

I wrote a letter to the editor with much of the same sentiment in it a few years back when the school district was pushing one of its bond initiatives. I think it was the flier sent home in my student’s backpack to entice mommy and daddy to vote for their funding that set me off. I believe I may have used the term “black hole” when referring to the insatiable spending of the educational system.

My letter was called out in a Kyrene elementary school staff meeting and not to praise my excellent grammar or my charming wit. My views were also centered on the “we need more money” solution, which seems to be the only answer from the government education industry and its hive of worker bees.

We are extremely lucky here in Ahwatukee that our children have the opportunity to get one of the best public educations in Arizona and the USA. Other communities across this Valley and state are not that lucky. We also have a community that backs education 100 percent. But you are correct, more money doled out by school administrators is not the solution. Government schools are just another example of how many things government does will not work well. Most government schools do not seek excellence, they seek equality and fairness, which means the achievers have to step down to the least common denominator to find that equality.

Scott Lanham

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