Dear Editor:

Arizona is being humiliated in the national news again highlighting the moral bankrupt leadership of this Red Republican run state. This time it's for canceling previously approved organ transplants for people on the state-run medical care system, AHCCCS. AHCCCS is supposed to help people who have fallen on hard times, lost their jobs and/or medical coverage. Gov. Jan Brewer says the state doesn't have the money to save their lives. But the state sure has $12 million budgeted for replacing street signs (this story was on Channel 12 News the other night).

Brewer should be impeached. Gov. Ev Mecham was impeached for his racial remarks, but he didn't let someone die as has Brewer. Instead, she was re-elected for another four years of her heartless, Machiavellian approach to governing (that means "the end justifies the means"). It appears there are no more Christian Republicans in this state.

C. A. Sampson

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