Regarding Don Kennedy’s most recent op-ed (“Will our political beliefs bankrupt us?” AFN, June 30), he again rails against any idea that might stink of progressive liberalism. I am curious, however, if Kennedy accepts Social Security payments? Does he enjoy Medicare? Does he knowingly accept these progressive liberalism ideas with shouts of “but the Constitution!” and wrapping himself with a flag as he cashes his check at the local bank and receiving medical care?

I’m just curious about the commitment to his cause as long as it doesn’t personally bother his status quo. When he starts talking about ridding plans that directly affect his personal life, as in suddenly he pays for his own medical care based on a free market insurance plan (good luck finding a reasonable plan since he’s older, I’m sure that will work out nicely for him) and his elimination of Social Security (no more monthly checks, Don!) then I’ll care what he has to stay. Please stop publishing his to far to the right tripe. The community deserves better.

Brian Beck

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