A group of young men help clear trees from the street in Lakewood after the storm Monday night.


I would like to publicly thank a small group of young men who went above and beyond to help with clean-up efforts after the storm in our Lakewood neighborhood. Like many of our (Ahwatukee) neighbors, we were hit very hard on Monday (July 15), and sustained serious damage to our home and property along with our RV (at Pecos Storage).

Feeling very overwhelmed after venturing outside, and surveying the amount of work we had ahead of us, we wandered to the back of our home where a large tree had uprooted and fallen into Lakewood Parkway, blocking the road. This tree is on association property, but is directly behind our home, offering shade to our yard, so we felt as if it was ours. We knew we needed to clear this tree as we felt this was our responsibility in the short term (at least get it out of the street so people could pass).

All of a sudden a pick-up truck filled with several teenaged-boys pulled up and they all jumped out of the truck with hand saws. They turned to me and said, “We are going to take care of this for you!” — and started cutting away to remove the large branches so cars could pass. Four more of their friends joined them while walking by. They worked for at least two hours, and said their plan was to continue on to clear as many trees as they could. We got just three names, the other four had moved on already by the time we asked them who they were. We would like to thank Parker McFarland, Alex Tomkins and Dan Rime — and the other four mystery young men, too. These boys could have easily just wandered around looking at the damaged areas and taking pictures to post online for friends to see, but instead took their own time to step in to help others. Your service to our community, and to us goes beyond words. We love Ahwatukee and this is one of the reasons — our kids here grow up feeling a sense of community and responsibility to help their neighbors. They deserve recognition for doing the right thing, at the right time.

Katy Henthorne

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