Yes, it snowed in the Phoenix metro area last week, a phenomenon that caused weather forecasters to run with glee to report former records and caused our snowbirds to wonder why they escaped Minnesota to enjoy our sunshine. Yet, slow down, everyone … global warming is REAL.

Daily heat records were broken across America last summer with punishing droughts, leading to skyrocketing grocery costs and devastating forest fires. The conclusion of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): “Earth’s atmosphere is growing rapidly warmer, and human activity is the most likely cause.” The Fox Entertainment spewers of climate change lies may be part of that hot air.

According to a recent analysis of UCS, more than 93 percent of climate discussions on Fox Entertainment are not just misleading, but downright wrong. Let’s get real, folks. When Rush Limbaugh blowhards: “The green energy stuff — I mean, that’s all a hoax and a fraud based on another hoax and fraud, global warming.”

Is there an audience that believes this?

C.J. Briggle

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