In reply to Don Kenney’s “guest commentary” (“No silver bullet,” AFN, May 6), I have to ask, does Mr. Kennedy really think we can drill our way to lower gas prices, when the U.S. has only 2 percent of the world’s proven reserves - and still less than 5 percent even if we open the forbidden reserves? And what’s going to happen with the onslaught of energy demands by the burgeoning Chinese and Indian middle classes, who all want to drive cars, too?

The U.S. cannot control the price of oil. We cannot succeed with a fossil fuel strategy. Plain and simple.

I agree that we may be repeating history, but only of our pitiful attempts to develop energy independence through renewable sources. You think solar and wind are uncompetitive? How about we take away the oil and coal subsidies, and then compare? Then how about we factor in the real economic cost we will be facing due to global warming brought about by burning fossil fuels? A cost hardly borne by the oil and coal industries today, or us really, but a cost sure to be borne by our kids and their kids. Pretty soon solar looks like a real bargain.

Where’s the Tea Party when you need them?

Of course, we cannot transform overnight, but it’s much cheaper to invest early than it is to avert catastrophe later on.

Randal J. Jacoby

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